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Our customers tell us again and again how Cover Luxe has made a huge difference in their home. Upgrading baseboard heater covers to Cover Luxe gives a room instant sophistication.

baseboard heat cover rust

No More Rust, Chips, or Dents

Our patented composite material is strong, durable, and withstands drops and impacts beautifully. No more chips, dents, or dings like metal baseboard covers. And never deal with rusted baseboard covers again.

Quieter Than Metal

Tired of the loud popping and cracking sounds of metal baseboards? Cover Luxe is designed to help bring peace and quiet to your home by eliminating metal parts, to reduce the noise of traditional covers.

Energy Efficient

Traditional vent placement directs heat toward the center of a room, working against natural room currents and causing inefficiency. Our design works with a room’s air flow to increase efficiency and save on energy costs.

Simple Installation

Cover Luxe is designed to be a simple DIY project. You can do it yourself or a local contractor, plumber, or handyperson can install without any special skills or tools, using our step-by-step videos and FAQs. Or chat with us online with any questions.

Easy To Clean

It’s easy to regularly vacuum your heat element and wipe both sides of your baseboard covers with our snap-style installation. Easy on, easy off covers encourage regular cleaning to help eliminate circulating allergens.

No Sharp Edges/Loose Parts

As metal baseboard covers age they have a tendency to rust and degrade. Ends tend to fall off or fit insecurely. Our innovative construction eliminates sharp exposed edges and unsightly loose parts.

Amazing Transformations

Traditional baseboard heating covers eventually become discolored, rusty, and dented. When end caps get old and fall off, sharp edges are exposed.

Cover Luxe Better Baseboard Covers are designed to resist scratches and impacts, and stay looking as new as the day you installed them.

Color Options

Cover Luxe “The Better Baseboard Cover” is available in SIX stylish colors to match your home design and decor. With our simple bracket system you can easily replace covers with a new color if you ever change your cabinets, floors, or design palette. Color samples available on the shop page.







How To Order

Getting Cover Luxe Better Baseboard Covers in your home is easy.
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Cover Luxe baseboard covers are compatible with hydronic baseboard heat systems. Heated water is run through copper pipes around the home. We have plans to release an electric version but do not have a launch date for that product yet. If you want more information, sign up for our email list for updates.

measuring baseboard heater covers

To determine the correct baseboard cover size to purchase, measure the length of your existing baseboard from the outer edges of the end caps. You’ll need to buy a cover or combination of covers in that length. Covers can be combined with a Snap Cap or trimmed with a hack saw for a perfect fit.

Once you’ve selected a your covers and end caps, determine if you need corners and what type. We offer four corners including a 90-degree inside and outside corner as well as an inside adjustable and outside adjustable corner. Currently, the outside adjustable corner is only available in white.


how to clean baseboard heat covers

How Do You Deep Clean Hydronic Baseboard Heat Covers?

Hydronic baseboard heat covers and heating systems are simple. Water or other liquids are circulated through copper pipes located along baseboards to spread water-based heat throughout the home. Hydronic systems rely on convection to generate heat. Instead of conducting or…

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